In doing its functions, Chem-UGM has the vision to be an excellent Chemistry program that is nationally leading and is recognized internationally for education, research and community services and capable of producing outstanding graduates that are capable of competing with their national and international counterparts. To achieve this vision, Chem-UGM has set up the missions as the following:

  1. To assure the conduct of Chemical education system to enable teaching and learning processes to deliver graduates with international quality.
  2. To set up a right atmosphere to support international basic research for fundamental and applied Chemistry, to help develop science and technology for community prosperity.
  3. To continuously improve and strengthen collaboration with industries, government, and international parties.

In realizing the vision and missions, Chemistry Department is organized by a chair and a secretary of the department. It is further supported by 46 academic staffs concentrated in five fields of study including life sciences, industrial sciences, environmental sciences, material sciences, and theory and computational Chemistry, which spreading almost evenly in six laboratories that are the first year, organic, inorganic, analytical, physical and computational chemistry. The laboratories are equipped with international standard of modern instruments to support Chemistry teaching and research society.