Learning Chemistry at UGM

We are living our life and chemistry is in every part and moment of our life. Chemistry is an important branch of natural sciences that helps shape our current modern life. Advances in chemistry will lead to the development of new drugs, renewable energy sources, clean water supply, safe food, etc. Upon graduation, our graduates can find a profession related to chemistry in many areas such as education, research, and development, chemical and petrochemical industry, agriculture, mining, etc.

High international vision

The chemistry department of UGM strives to be nationally leading and internationally recognized institution in education, research, and community services and feels engaged to prepare quality graduates having excellent knowledge and skills in chemistry capable of managing international collaboration and competing with high motivation to achieve prosperity of human being. Established on 1 September 1960, the chemistry department has gained international recognition.

Outstanding students and graduates

Currently, there are around 580 B.Sc., 160 M.Sc., and 60 Ph.D. students studying in this department. Since it was established, it has granted 2000 B.Sc. (Sarjana Sains), 400 M.Sc., and 50 Ph.D. degrees. Our graduates work for different education and government institutions, local as well as global companies.

Learning in a small class

With our small class (20 students), we can develop students’ capability up to their potentials. It is our commitment to teaching students with a supportive environment. English is the language of instruction.