(1) High school graduates of 2016 and 2015


        (2) Third grade of senior high school students, expected to graduate in 2017


        (3) A-Level or International Baccalaureate graduates


        (4) English proficiency (TOEFL score min 500 or IELTS score min 6.0).


        (5) Pass interview test

Admission Procedures

        Visit our online registration portal at


General steps

          (1) You are obliged to have an active email to create an account for taking part in the student selection process  of the Universitas Gadjah Mada. If you do not already have email, please create an email. Google email is preferable.


          (2) You are responsible for having an active email. We will use your active email to communicate with you relating to the selection process.


          (3) One email address can only be used for one account of the selection process.


          (4) PIN is the key for you to access your UGM registration account. PIN consisting of minimum 6 digit numbers and/or letters and/or a combination of both.


          (5) Registration workflow is as follows:

Flow Chart

          (6) The process of filling the registration data and documents’ upload can be done gradually before we lock the registration data.


        (7) Any inquiry can be directed to umugm@ugm.ac.id and roto05@ugm.ac.id. You may give a call through the following numbers 0274 6492116 or 0274 545188