The Dual Degree Program is a Master study (MSc program) in Environmental Chemistry with a focus on “Sustainability and Chemical Safety” at the Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta (Indonesia). The objectives of this education is to enable the students towards ”the application of Chemical principles in lifting the quality of human life without degrading the biotic and abiotic environmental quality“. This program is collaboration between the Chem-UGM and the Institute of Ecological Chemistry and Waste Analysis of the Faculty of Life Sciences of Technische Universitaet Carolo Wilhelmina (TUBS) in Braunschweig/Germany. In the end of the program, the students will receive a Dual Degree Certificate from both univer­sities.


  • To enroll the Dual Degree Program students have to fulfil the Admission Requirements of the Department of Chemistry, UGM, as Master Program.
  • TOEFL score at least 500.


The essential subjects of the M.Sc. Curriculum are designed as combination of subjects in the education of Environmental Chemistry at UGM and those in Institute of Ecological Chemistry and Waste Analysis of the Faculty of Life Sciences of TUBS with the main topics as follows:

  • Sustainable Chemical processes and products are developed with sustainability specifi­cally in mind. Life cycle assessment, eco-efficiency measurement, and the socio-political evaluation are developed further.
  • Environmentally sustainable production of basic Chemicals – Chemicals which are produced at a global rate of more than a million t/a – is of particular significance for sustainable deve­lopment generally because of the large amounts produced and downstream lines of products that are based on them.
  • Toxic Chemicals – those that have been scientifically proven to pose an insupportable danger to the environment and human health – are replaced by less harmful substances or made superfluous through altered processes.
  • Wherever possible, substitutes are found for non-sustainable processes and products.
  • The concepts underlying the contribution of Chemistry to sustainable development are made a part of school and university instructions.
  • As regular master program, the dual degree will be finished for 4 semesters
  • Lectures are carried out by qualified lecturers from both universities. Each semester, German professors come to UGM for 4 weeks to teach each course as intensive course.
  • The first two semesters, the students have to complete in UGM and the courses will be enhanced in Germany for the next 2 semesters including the completion of M.Sc. Thesis.
  • The M.Sc. thesis is basically supervised jointly by two professors, each from both universities.