Material Chemistry

  • Indonesian natural zeolites: purification, modification, characterization and application as adsorbents, support catalysts and photo catalysts, and molecular sieves.
  • Synthetic zeolites: modification, characterization and application.
  • Heterogeneous catalysts: hydrocracking, cracking, hydrotreatment, demetallization, denitrogenation, desulsurization.
  • Metal complexes.
  • Clays: modification (pillarization), application as adsorbents, catalysts.
  • Synthesis and application of inorganic materials: meso and macro porous materials, nano technology: preparation and application.
  • Supramolecular Chemistry: synthesis and application.
  • Solar cells: preparation and application.
  • Synthesis and application of layered materials.

Life Sciences

  • Indonesian vegetables and essential oils: virgin coconut oil (VCO), citronellal oil, clove oil (eugenol), palm oil, castor oil. Isolation, purification, and derived products.
  • Organic synthesis and application.
  • Biotechnology and biosynthesis.
  • Foodstuffs: fish oils, lipids.
  • Chromatography and bioanalysis.

Environmental Chemistry

  • Fate and dynamic: monitoring and analysis of hazardous chemicals.
  • Treatment of hazardous wastes: adsorption, bio-coagulation, ion exchange, photocatalytic.
  • Fuel chemistry: reuse of petrochemicals waste.
  • Natural compounds: isolation, purification, and application.
  • Chemical sensors: synthesis and application.
  • Metals extraction.

Theoretical and Computational

  • Equation of state, thermodynamics.
  • Computational Chemistry: molecular modeling, molecular dynamics (MC and MD), computer aided molecular design and QSAR.

Industrial Chemistry

  • Catalysts: design and application.
  • Energy: new and renewable energy.
  • Coconut Oil/Palm Oil/Castor/Biofuel: Production and product design.
  • Electro-Chemical process: electroextraction, electrocatalysts.