Based on the government regulation No. 20/2003, Chem-UGM takes a responsibility for preparing quality human resources with knowledge and skills in Chemistry with the main goal to produce knowledgeable and innovative graduates with distinctive personality. The Chem-UGM is accredited ‘A’ by National Accreditation Body (BAN).


Enrollment student shall have finished their senior high school, and should passed the entrance examination as the main requirement for entering the under graduate program for the Bachelor degree in Chemistry. Entrance examination for new students in Chem-UGM is held annually, coordinated by the university mainly through entrance examination (Ujian Masuk, UM) which divided into three main categories; (1) Penelusuran Bibit Unggul, Penelusuran Bibit Unggul pembangunan Daerah (PBUPD), Penelusuran Bakat Swadana (PBS), Penelusuran Bibit Unggul Tidak Mampu (PBUTM), Penelusuran Bibit Unggul Berprestasi (PBUB), and Penelusuran Bakat Olahraga dan Seni (PBOS); (2) Ujian Tulis (UTUL); and (3) Seleksi Nasional Mahasiswa Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SNMPTN). On average, 150 students are admitted to the Chem-UGM each academic year.


According to the 2011 curriculum, Chem-UGM offers students 115 compulsory credit hours (comprising 55 courses) and about 79 elective credit hours (comprising 40 courses). To acquire the Bachelor degree in Chemistry, students must complete 144 credits of subjects/experiments which consist of:

  • Mandatory subjects (115 credits)
  • Elective subjects (at least 29 credits)

Five groups of elective courses which are provided by Chem-UGM are as follows:

  • Life sciences
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Material chemistry
  • Theory and computational chemistry

The curriculum is designed based on study period of 4 years.  Academic year of the first semester is started at the beginning of September and will be finished by the end of January of the next year. The second semester is started in the beginning of February and will be finished by the end of June in the same year.